Mobile Ad Spending

Saw an interesting article in the business section of the Atlanta Journal Constitution yesterday that I wanted to share, titled “Advertising: Mobile Ad Spending at $31.5B is Forecast”. My ears (eyes) always perk up when I see something about mobile in the news. I think it’s a very appealing channel that is largely untapped.

The article speaks on ad spending on a worldwide scale, stating that it is expected to reach $31.5 Billion this year. This is an increase of 75% from the 2013 number, with big thanks to conglomerates like Facebook and Google (research done by eMarketer).

eMarketer expects the mobile space to account for 1/4 of the total digital ad spending — estimated to reach $137.5 Billion total this year. This is just a 15% increase from 2013, demonstrating the huge spike in mobile.

Attached here is an article with more information from eMarketer. Included are charts and percentages to add to the trend. I am honestly very excited to see where this space goes through 2014 and into 2015. I learned from Jeff Hilimire’s Startup Grind event this week that 80% of the revenue through mobile phones is through games. This blew me away, and got me really excited about the possibilities in the mobile space. (Jeff runs the operations over at Dragon Army, a new mobile gaming studio here in Atlanta)

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