Social Media Day 2014

Last night Gregg Khedouri and I went to the Tongue and Groove for Atlanta’s official 2014 Social Media Day sponsored by Mashable. It was a great event to unite Atlanta’s social community, filled with networking, partying and, of course, socializing! Here’s Social Media Marketing University’s John Souza explaining the event:

It was great to connect with John and hear about his kite-boarding excursions in Hawaii. I’ve gotta do that soon… The event was held from 6-10PM with sporadic announcements, presentations, and an awesome New Orleans-style band, Wasted Potential. The Social Media Day celebration was actually approved in a proclamation by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal from the State of Georgia Governor’s Office. Great to have Governor Deal’s support and understanding in the innovation and importance of social media in today’s society.

Georgia-ProclamationAt the event we met up with tons of great socialites we hadn’t physically seen in a while (but see almost daily in the Twittersphere), and made a lot of new connections. Shoutout to Insightpool for sponsoring, PureRED for entertaining us at the bar, and it was great to see some of the Perfect Post folks. Per usual, I spent most of my night with Adam Naide, who surprised me with a box of Jif’s new peanut butter cereal! A thoughtful present from an influential cereal enthusiast to a peanut butter lover :) Also made for quite the conversation starter.

Steffan & Adam

I can confidently conclude that this was the first and only time the Tongue and Groove has had a box of cereal at their bar, pictured below.

Tongue and Groove

I had a great time at this event, and look forward to attending again next year! #SMDayATL14


SMDay Atlanta