Social Media Strategy and Super Bowl 50

This morning a colleague of mine forwarded a PMA piece on the upcoming Super Bowl 50, and their Top Tips for your Super Bowl Social Media Strategy (h/t Sean Selman). Thought I’d compile a post to share some of their top tips, my thoughts, and other recommendations I’ve found valuable.

1 – Content is King
Honestly, I very much dislike this phrase by now. However, it holds true, especially if you can dig up some “sexier” content to grab the attention of your audience leading up to a big event, like the upcoming Super Bowl. My recommendation: show your interest in the event early on, and find content that aligns with your brand and the Super Bowl. The quirkier the better (unless you’re in the FinServ industry, or something).

2 – Participate in the conversation. 
Remember Oreos? How about Arby’s? Be ready for anything and everything. To sweeten the deal for this year, AdWeek has declared that Super Bowl 50 will be “the biggest day in digital marketing,” with brands capitalizing on more than just TV spots. Every brand can afford to be involved in the Super Bowl these days, just be creative and think outside of the box.

3 – Proofread.
Yes, people do still care about grammar.

4 – Stick to your brand voice, tone, and values.
Taking a risk is cool, but just make sure it aligns with your brand and what your followers expect to see from you. #TweetingWithMittens-esque actions are hit or miss, so let’s try and stay off of the well-followed “Social Media Blunders” lists (ahem, DiGiorno…US Airways).

5 – Include pictures, and more importantly, GIFs.
There’s an app for that: GIPHY (on web here). Twitter’s expanded image-functionality has proven increased clicks and engagement. Get with the times, and just pretend you’re the Millennial tweeter we all want to be, and you’ll be fine (as long as it’s true to your brand). Also, Emojis. 🏈


6 – Respect the second screen.
Whether it be laptop, phone, tablet, whatever; people are looking at their “second screen” sometimes more so than the “first screen” – so don’t neglect it similar to the brands who did not make the most of their Super Bowl marketing last year!

(Or, if you’re like me, respect the third screen because I’ll probably be streaming the Key & Peele live Super Bowl commentary on my second screen most of the time)

7 – One person can do the job.
You don’t need an entire department to open a War Room to get the job done. Have one of your social media rockstars volunteer to do some tweeting/monitoring during the game. Being active is better than being nothing at all. No problem.

8 – Follow up
Social is an ongoing conversation. Don’t forget about the people who engaged with you on this special night. Thank them. Follow them. Love them. Appreciate them.

For those of you tackling your brand/client social accounts this Sunday, I hope this helps! Comment below if you have any questions or additional tips I missed!

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