Decision Making – College Tennis

So this week I met with Jeff Hilimire at a Start-up Grind event at the newly opened Atlanta Tech Village. (The place looks AWESOME.) Very insightful and interesting to hear Jeff’s story. For more on him, check out his blog over at He’s always writing about some great stuff.

After getting to know him, we began talking about a common interest we share: tennis. Jeff played throughout his childhood and eventually college tennis.

I played throughout my childhood, as well, but opted out of playing in college. Jeff really made me question this decision, as he stated most of his best friendships today began back in his college tennis days. I’m not one to regret things, but I believe I may have missed an unforgettable opportunity.

The togetherness and camaraderie from being a part of a team is unrivaled. It creates an unbreakable team-bond, that only people that have been a part of a team like this would understand. These days I really miss my tennis and soccer, not only for the competition, but the team aspect. Being a part of a company can be similar at times, ย but can never match the characteristics of the passion and unison that you feel when you’re on a team with all of your best friends, fighting to accomplish the same goal. So I would like to extend to you all a message. Get as many opinions you can before you make a decision like this. Seek out people that have gone through what you’re experiencing, and ask for their insight and reasoning.

For a related article from Jeff on “Why you should run your startup like a sports team”, check out his post here.

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