Always Have A PLAN: Social Media and Crisis Communication

Thanks to the UGA Small Business Development Center for sharing my write up on crisis communication via social media.

In mitigating risk and delivering an emergency response, it’s better to think in terms of when it happens as opposed to if it happens. Having a proactive strategy for customer care and effective communication is vital to tackling an emerging threat. In building a proactive response campaign, leveraging social media marketing to amplify your messages is crucial: Meet the people on the channels they’re on, with strategic updates to lessen the affect and backlash of an emergency. Some questions come to mind. What will you say, directed to whom, and when? Have you covered all the bases? In this post we’ll take you through a quick model for responding, and a few thoughts on handling incidences via social media.

Two forms of crisis come to mind:

  • Accidental Incidence, causing public harm (think environmental: oil spill)
  • Malicious & Intended Breaches (think customer data hacks: credit cards)

The response strategy for each…

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