Social + Video = Social Video

A few days ago, Branden and I were discussing trendy social media tactics, and the power of mobile and video. I did some quick research, and drafted an internal email comprised of some compiled 2015 trends and 2016 predictions. Because no Predictions blog needs more than a 4 sentence intro, and you should see the two themes (social/video) by now, let’s get right to it.

6 Social & video marketing trends (2015/16) I found worth sharing:

1. Lower production quality is ok.

So Starbucks is doing something pretty neat with some of their latest video work; being a bit lower in overall production quality. This is something we’re seeing more of across industries, as well as stop-motion animations. I’ve seen friends stop their thumb mid-scroll and say, “Oh, nevermind, that’s a Starbucks ad. Looked like something a friend may have taken… Cool, though.” The same can be said of their imagery, seen here.

2. Be wary of video bloggers/influencers — they can fall down as quickly as they’ve risen.

Video bloggers (vloggers) – build trust with their following, but can be unknowingly detrimental to themselves – the key: You must keep people wanting to see what they are up to next!

  • “Perhaps an agency becoming involved and lining up vloggers for the likes of Unilever and Lego is just what the vlogger channel needs — grownups who know the rules and will ensure transparency.” Couldn’t agree more, MediaPost.
  • Audiences are typically young, and vloggers should be careful to keep their interest and not overstep boundaries.

3. Social/mobile video is here to stay. Look out for 360 Degree, Virtual Reality coming quick!

  • Snapchat: 6 billion video views daily
  • Facebook: 8 billion video views daily
  • Current trend: mobile videos (duh)
  • Figures via MarketingDive.
  • Virtual reality adaptations are coming, and fast. (Samsung VR Gear goggles only $99 for Samsung phones!)
  • Facebook 360 degree video: control viewpoint by tilting the device or moving mouse on the screen.Very freakin’ cool, if you ask me.
    Example of swimming with the sharks below. Now imagine this, but with your Samsung VR Gear goggles, or even 360 degree video games. Woah.

4. Facebook video ads > TV ads: A long time coming?

  • “Twice as likely to hit target” — Nielsen effectiveness rating on hitting target demographics.
  • 19% overall target reach increase on FB vs TV, 37% increase in millennial targeting.
  • More memorable, and make brands more “likable.”
  • The latest: Facebook offering “cost-per-view” bidding options. Based on 10 second views.

5. Instagram: Building out big brand offerings: 30 second cinematic video ads leave a big impression

  • See example, Michael Kors cinematic feel: made big gamble, paying off with brand recall and increased site traffic by 2.6X.
  • 97% of measured campaigns have generated significant lifts in ad recall.
  • The Latest: Instagram recently ousted their square-only posting to include taller/wider options = cinematic.
  • New source: Brands are flocking to instagram, and seeing big engagement, although limited amounts of posting, and gaps between posts. Example being Nike.

6. Cord cutting connects brands more intimately with consumers. I’m a cord-cutter, so this was especially interesting for me:

  • “Connect tv” devices like Roku, Apple TV, etc. that are playing Netflix/Hulu have an average completion rate of 99% for ads. The percent of people moving to these devices, and away from cable, is quickly growing.
    • “Just 67% of Netflix users still pay for cable TV, compared to 80% in 2014 and 88% in 2010” (Found via Reddit, source here)
  • What’s next? Shoppable videos (real time, buy now), interactive, 5 second videos resulting in 60 second engagements, programmatic, etc.

Final Thoughts:
Opportunities for the New Year – Where to invest your time, energy, and dollars.

  • A few predictions, and places to make investments include: wearable integration, data/personalization, increased social media activity, ad blocking, and video.
    • Video: 14% increase from 2014; 107 million total
    • 36% of smartphone users watch long form (5min+) daily
  • More predictions, because we all need an even longer list of predictions, includes:
    • Social live streaming and real time communication/connectivity
    • Moving pictures (from GIFs to cinemagraphs, and whatever’s next)
    • UGC (user-generated content)
    • Artificial intelligence (wait, what?)
    • Google AdWords customer match
    • More financial exchanges on social (venmo, but on Twitter/FB)
    • Popular pays (mediums connecting brands with influencers)
    • Marketing automation
    • Video based ads
    • Programmatic/big data, retargeting, native ads (sponsored content), and personalization: A lot of the same we’ve seen this year, but set to “explode” next year.

Should be interesting to see what 2016 brings. Man, feels like just a few weeks ago I was writing about 2015 predictions. So, if you’re wondering how to stay up to date I recommend Adweek’s Social Times newsletter, SmartBrief’s Digital newsletter, and Ragan’s.

[cover image credit to Variety]

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