LinkedIn “Decision Boards”

Being a daily LinkedIn user you’d think I would have seen something about LinkedIn Decision Boards by now. But nope. Today was the first I’d seen, and it’s pretty neat, so thought I’d share. Here’s LinkedIn’s FAQ page for the Decision Boards.

Basically I was browsing the Creative Circus LinkedIn page when I saw the mysterious “add to board” call to action. (seen below, it’s “on my board”)

add to board 1

This then takes you to the Board homepage feed, which looks like this (below). The schools you’re following will be in the feed plus more options based off your fields of study. It even lets you view/connect with other prospective students, and read tons of content/updates on your programs of interest. Hopefully Universities are aware of this and hiring content/social coordinators!

homepage feed

Here’s a look at some more customization options: board sharing, program/university additions, rankings, and more ways to explore.

board customization

Conversations. Share your thoughts on tours and visits, ask questions, and get help! Very nice feature.

board conversations

Overall I’m impressed by the platform. A really nice expansion, and seems 100x more friendly and useful than the GAcollege411 I was using back in high school. And by using, I mean my mom used it. I looked once or twice and decided, “Nah.” I would’ve been much more likely to use LinkedIn, knowing that getting set-up and started on the site would be a recipe for future success, beginning already in high school!

Check it out and let me know if you have any thoughts or questions!

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