Atlanta United FC Launch Party

Last night I was at the Compound (soon-to-be SOHO Lounge) for the MLS Atlanta name/logo unveiling party. The first portion of the night beginning around 7pm was for VIPs and Founder’s Club Members (of which I am one), and then opened up for general admission around 9pm with the Gold Cup opener (USMNT taking down Honduras 2-1). I brought my dad as my +1, who just told me there were over 4,000 people total!

Really great event and overall well-run despite the number of complaints we heard while waiting in line to enter. Yeah, it was a bit of a mess with those who shuttled from the GA Dome getting in before those waiting outside in the 90 Degree weather, but then again they had to shuttle to the venue AND back. Really not going to complain about 20-30 minutes of waiting for a free event, at a small venue, with thousands of people. That being said, received some great service along the way. One of the dudes handling check-ins (and seemingly crowd management and sentiment) was chewed out by a guy in line behind us, handled it the best he could, and said he’d return with more information. To his credit he was back about 10 minutes later asking if the line had been moving any faster, seeing if there was anything else he could do to help! Props to that dude wearing Holbrooks, job well done.

So I’m going to take you through the official unveilings, an awesome Instagram rollout, and some of my pictures from the event. Let’s get started with the Sights & Sounds YouTube video:

Atlanta United Properties:
YouTube Presser

Official Colors:

Black: CMYK 0, 0, 0, 100
Red: CMKY 0, 100, 87, 56
Gold: CMYK 41, 37, 74, 11
Via @ATLUTD_Colors on Instagram

Official Logo:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 10.32.58 AM

Instagram Rollout: never seen anything like it!

In a post from the official @atlutd Instagram page, they posed the question, “Who is #ATLUTD?” with an icon to tap for more info. This icon then bring you to the @atlutd_dna profile, set up in a full page view to scroll through, with even more extensions here from!

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.46.18 AM
See the middle image (also, Luda!)
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.46.33 AM
Usually you’d tap an image to see who else is “tagged,” but here it brings you more information on the club’s DNA, colors, history, etc.!

Upon entering the @atlutd_dna page, you’ll see this:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.47.13 AM
Each block is it’s own image, compiled for perfect viewing from the profile’s home screen. You can then click the COLORS or CIRCLE image to learn even more!
Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 9.47.45 AM
Selecting this image, and tapping to see that @atlutd_colors is tagged means you can then click that profile to learn more specifics about the color selections!

I’ve seen a fair share of “full page posts” on Instagram, but nothing used to the extent of this as an unveiling / branding rollout. It’s really brilliant if you ask me, and lives there forever for the club, and can be taken in a ton of various directions in the future.

The Event (Mostly pictures)

Our view. Right behind the roped-off “VIP Section”

I did live stream on Periscope for a bit, you can see Luda walking in:

Me and Pops, with our new Atlanta United scarves!
Luda in the house.
First ever Atlanta United Tifo!
Up at the stage after the announcement.
Awesome artwork being done on site.

Video of the unveiling:

I really enjoyed briefly introducing myself to Ann Rodriguez, the new VP of Business Operations, and mingling with fellow Founding Members and supporters! Pumped to be in those stands in about 20 months! It’ll be here before we know it… 🙂

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