Junior Achievement of Georgia: Discovery Center Tour

Today I toured the Junior Achievement of Georgia‘s Chick-Fil-A Foundation “Discovery Center.” I had always wanted to visit, and left very impressed by their staff and facilities, so wanted to share my experience by compiling a quick summary.

The JA of Georgia is located off Abernathy Road, but their flagship Discovery Center is in the Georgia World Congress Center. Inside the GWCC sits JA’s Finance Park and BizTown concepts — two very interesting projects. BizTown is for 6th grade visitors, and focuses on the challenges of fueling a business. The Finance Park is for 7th and 8th graders, and gives these students the opportunity to experience their personal financial futures first-hand. I would have truly loved the experience of taking a field trip to either of these venues as a middle-schooler, although I think I would’ve left mind boggled and worried about my future (not knowing the experience actually put me in a better place). Very impressed by these resources and programs, not to mention all the people involved.

Here’s a great video that depicts the Discovery Center:


The venue boasts 250 daily students learning skills for their futures, totalling approximately 35,000 middle school students mandated yearly. Be sure to connect with the JA of Georgia on all their social channels, and try to schedule a tour if possible!

Thanks to the sponsors for making this possible: Chick-Fil-A, Delta, SunTrust, Kia, Publix, AT&T, PGi, UPS, Bank of America, NCR, Technology Association of Georgia, Entrepreneur’s Organization, ATDC, Atlanta CEO Council, the Metro Atlanta Chamber, and Kennesaw State to name a few.

Now for some pictures I took of the facilities.

SunTrust Theater, Seats 160
SunTrust Theater, Seats 160
A look at some Finance Park store fronts
A look at some Finance Park store fronts
More Finance Park store fronts
More Finance Park store fronts
Enter: BizTown. Very impressive!
BizTown startup concept: Startle
BizTown startup concept: Startle


And you know I couldn’t visit the GWCC without snagging some pictures of the temporary Atlanta United offices!




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