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Welcome to my tennis page!

I have almost 20 years of tennis experience, including: USTA, ALTA, competitive state tournaments, southerns, national tournaments, advanced drill-groups, UGA college club tennis, coaching, ball boy, tournament volunteering, court maintenance, operations, T2Tennis & Ultimate Tennis, racket stringing, gripping, and even played a tournament in Europe! Pretty sure I’ve spent more time with a racket in my hand than without one.

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 10.38.46 AM.png

I’ve recently started using Thumbtack to market my services. If you’re a small business, I highly recommend you check them out!

I offer convenient services at a fair price. For lessons, I’m negotiable. For stringing, I can guarantee your racket back within 24 hours or less if you need.


  • $10/each if you provide strings
  • $15/each with my strings
  • $5 per replacement grip
  • $3 per over grip
  • Additional: Shock Absorbers, Grommets, Lead Tape, Stencils, and more
  • Promotions and packages available for high volume, high frequency customers


  • $30/hour
  • Available as a hitting partner
  • Packages available

Machine: Alpha Revo 4000

Inventory varies.

Strings: Synthetic Gut (Gold and White), Nylon (Red), Wilson Enduro Pro (grey)

Miscellaneous: Wilson Stenciling available in Red and Black. Tourna-grip in blue and white, Wilson and Gamma replacement grips (contour and original), Head over grips, Head grommets, Prince overgrips, Wilson overgrips, vibration dampeners/shock absorbers, and string savers.

For sale: Wilson 12-pack bag. In used condition, but still a great bag. Similar to the one pictured below. Ask for pictures or for more details.

Contact me with any questions!

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