Guest Speaker Yesterday @ UGA

Yesterday I was fortunate to have the opportunity to return to my college town and second home, Athens, Georgia. This was a very different trip to Athens for me, however, as it was more of a business trip than it has ever been. It was a very interesting change of perspective being there for work although it was still a great time being there. Got to catch up with some old professors and friends still in school. Even retraced my steps up the stairs to North Campus. Brought back some memories for sure.

north campus stairs

I did the whole day-trip thing, leaving at 7am to speak at the 9:30 class, and staying until about 6pm. I spoke to two Integrating Marketing and Brand Communications courses as well as one Market Research course, both taught by the wonderful Candice Hollenbeck.

Adam Naide and I covered topics in digital/social marketing, highlighting trends and best practices through what we have been doing at Cox. Here’s a picture of the 3 of us together:

Adam, Candice and I

I closed the presentations with a brief overview of my experiences at SXSW, followed by a post-graduation discussion with my tips/insights for the students. Crazy to think that it was just a year ago today that I was sitting in their seats… I’m really glad I had this opportunity to connect with them, and offer my perspective on what these Juniors/Seniors should be doing to prepare for the a career in real world.

It will be interesting to see how many of them actually absorbed what we said, and use us as resources to move forward. If any of you are reading this — just reach out, I’m happy to help!

After we finished up with the classes, Adam went to coach his team for a digital marketing competition being held at UGA. Jen Osbon organized the competition, and EvoShield is the company the students are building strategies around. Very interesting and innovative — Jen is doing some great stuff for the Terry College!! I’ll be getting more involved in this competition, as well, so look out for updates on this in the near future.

I ended up going to my favorite soccer spot, the Globe on North Lumpkin. Highly recommend this place if you’re ever trying to watch soccer in Athens. Manchester United was playing Manchester City in the Manchester Derby rivalry game. Although my team ended up losing 3-0 (horrible year), I randomly met a fellow Dane watching the game as well! We talked the whole time and may be meeting up again this weekend to play some soccer. Small world…

All in all, a great day in Athens and an overall awesome experience talking to these classes.

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