My Top 5 Posts in 2014

So I posted my WordPress annual report, but wanted to get more specific and share my Top 5 Most Popular Posts from last year. Here they are.

1. Puma’s Risky Social Media Campaign

Aug. 19. Overview of the Puma #ForeverFaster Twitter campaign. This post highlights one of the many examples of how a social media campaign can backfire (NYPD #myNYPD backfire, Fox News #OverIt2014, etc.)

2. Social Media 101 @ Georgia Tech

Nov. 20. Recap of a speaking engagement with Adam Naide. Although I’m a Bulldawg, it was great to discuss social media with some Yellow Jackets.

3. AIMA: Welcome to the Digital South

Nov. 13. My recap of the 2014 AIMA Awards, including pictures and a list of winners.

4. Social Customer Care

Nov. 12. Insightful AMA Atlanta event featuring Anne McGraw.

5. Weekend In New York City

Dec. 12. Includes tons of pictures from the trip, and my recommended list of to-do’s in Manhattan, organized by neighborhood.

Honorable Mention: Brand Innovator’s Content Marketing Summit

And my Most Active Commenter Award goes to Clifton Chestnut! Thanks, Cliff!

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