Puma’s Risky Social Media Campaign

Puma’s latest Twitter campaign, titled #ForeverFaster, was far from fool-proof. Similar to the USMNT’s campaign leading up to the World Cup, anybody who tweeted at @PUMA would be gifted a digitally autographed and personalized response picture from one of their favorite Puma athletes minutes later. If you’re not familiar, Puma currently have sponsored athletes including Sergio Aguero, Mario Balotelli, Usain Bolt, Jamaal Charles, Jadeveon Clowney, Rickie Fowler, Radamel Falcao and Marco Reus.

So, what ended up happening was… The gracious people of the Internet found out you could use any Twitter username in this promotion, and Puma wasn’t monitoring outputs. The result: Marco Reus thanking Cocaine and letting the World know that he couldn’t do it without Cocaine. Forever faster, indeed…

Marco Reus

Also, Cesc Fabregas appreciating the support of an “ISpreadEbola.” I’m sure Marco and Cesc were thrilled with these statements.

Cesc FabregasLife Lesson: The Internet will always win. Trolls will be trolls.

Original article – London Evening Standard.

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