Building Credibility as a Yo Pro

Just wrapped up my first webinar with UGA, thought I’d share my presentation with you all as well. It’s available here on SlideShare, and the actual GoToWebinar recording is here, but I’ll quickly run through some of the takeaways.

  • Secure your personal domain and social channels.
    It’s a big plus if they’re similar in structure (i.e. I’m @steffanpedersen on Twitter, and LinkedIn vanity URL is /steffanpedersen).
  • Begin creating (compelling) content to build your brand and credibility.
    This will help you build your brand, get more followers, and ultimately land a position in the industry you’re passionate about.
  • Check your privacy and notification settings.
    You will likely want to have your Facebook account on lockdown, and be alerted when somebody is engaging with you on LinkedIn/Twitter.
  • Leveraging LinkedIn:
    1) Complete, and professional profile/headshot.
    2) Include context in your connection requests and send them promptly.
    3) Give to get! This goes for endorsements, recommendations, etc.
    4) Show off your work, and link to your social channels. This should be a one-stop-shop for anybody looking to learn more about you.
    5) Use the Publisher!
    6) Don’t send requests if you’ve never met.
  • Leveraging Twitter:
    1) Include passions, interests, and tag employers or use hashtags in your bio.
    2) Follow influencers, brands, and all various accounts that interest you or align with your brand/goals.
    3) Share the successes of others! What goes around comes around.
    4) Use the native Twitter Analytics and powerful search query.
    5) Humble brag your accomplishments and successes.
    6) Don’t use automated-dms. Doesn’t everyone know that by now??
  • Tools:
    1) Wix & Squarespace: Build yourself an awesome site! (also, WordPress)
    2) Buffer: Schedule and curate posts for all your social channels.
    3) Google Alerts & Talkwalker: Free options to set alerts around topics of interest.
    4) Product Hunt: Daily crowdsourced list of new softwares, programs, and awesome sites. You can almost get as lost on Product Hunt as you can on Reddit.
    5) Newsletters: Always be reading and learning! (I like Mashable, Ad Week’s SocialTimes, Ragan’s, and of course Manchester United.)
  • General Tips:
    1) Track key accomplishments on a regular basis: Makes reporting, and interviewing, much easier.
    2) When you finish speaking to your accomplishments, mention future goals, and how you’ll leverage this accomplishment to get there.
    3) Do your research, bring questions, and always show positive body language.
  • The rest covered the benefits of finding, and keeping, a mentor. How to properly frame introduction emails. Organizations and associations to get involved with, as well as general networking tips.

Really enjoyed this, and look forward to presenting again soon! Finally, thanks to UGA and Bethany Mills for having me.

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