Places to go in 2015

Found this list in an incredible NY Times write-up from earlier this year. This article blew me away, and the GIFs were a really nice touch. I definitely recommend checking out the NYTimes article, linked above, but if you wanna save some time, I’ve summarized the list below.

Also, on a more personal note, I’m attempting to take a trip every month of this year! January was Baton Rouge, this weekend (February) was Hiawassee, March will be Savannah, and that’s all I’ve got so far. Taking recommendations…

52. Kas, Turkey: Low price alternative to the Greek Isles.

51. Baku, Azerbaijan: Azeri capital with Dubai-style extravagance, experiencing their second oil boom! On the shore of the Caspian Sea.

50. Taos Ski Valley, New Mexico: City often out-shined by mega-resort competitors, rejuvenated with a chairlift, snowmaker, and shops.

49. Càceres, Spain: Ancient walled city – Unesco World Heritage site. “Where history, art and gastronomy meet.”

48. Rome, Italy: I’ve been here! Ancient sites are under restoration and currently being refurbished and reopened to the public.

47. Tulsa, Oklahoma: A city thriving from oil money, while the rest of the US was hit by the Great Recession. Check out the Art Deco city center, and Arkansas River riverfront, with one of the largest public parks projects in the country underway!

46. Shanghai: A city undergoing a “cultural awakening,” thanks to the opening of several private museums to illustrate Shanghai’s beautiful facades.

45. Miami Beach, Florida: I’ve been here! Check out the new Faena District – a new development 6 blocks north of South Beach.

44. Chengdu, China: Pandas, spicy food, and a new direct flight from San Francisco. Enough said.

43. Danang, Vietnam: 20 miles north of the Unesco-protected and tourist-swarmed Hoi An. Airport expansions, sandy beaches, bahn mi sandwiches, and luxury lodgings have made Danang a tourist destination of its own!

42. Île-de-France: I’ve been here! Well, to Paris. Under expansion since 2012, this district encompasses Paris and its outskirts.

41. Canton Valais, Switzerland: Home to iconic Matterhorn, and Zermatt sky destinations. It’s just beautiful. I love Switzerland.

40. Quebec City, Canada: Quebecor Arena is underway, in the city’s search for a new NHL team! There’s tons to see and do in this French Canadian city. Check out the new, and hip, St.-Roch neighborhood.

39. The Catskills, New York: Mountainous region 100 miles north of NYC, being reshaped by fresh-air-seeking urbanites! Go rafting on the Esopus Creek, fish for trout, and ski Hunter Mountain!

38. Alentejo, Portugal: Wine-themed hotels, grain fields, olive groves, and cork forests. Woah. The two-year-old Ecorkhotel is even the world’s first cork-covered hotel in the world – a must see!

37. San José del Cabo, Mexico: Described as a more mellow Cabo San Lucas – historic Baja city bouncing back in style.

36. San Antonio, Texas: Houses the San Antonio River Walk, riverside promenade and one of Texas’s most visited attractions. Was expended from 3 to 15 miles in 2013, wow.

35. Shikoku, Japan: The smallest of Japan’s four main islands. Temples, natural hot-springs, and total zen are what you can expect here.

34. St. Kitts: 65-square-mile island best known for its annual music festival. Can’t go wrong in the Caribbean.

33. Seoul, South Korea: Neo-futuristic city, with design and visual-arts museums. My favorite GIF from the NYTimes post.

32. Squamish, Canada: An hour’s drive north of Vancouver. What was once a pit stop for about 10 million annual Whistler skiers has become rejuvenated with a $22 million gondola: Sea to Sky. Don’t miss the annual return of bald eagles, either.

31. Rabat, Morocco: Capital of Morocco, and Unesco World Heritage site (I’m starting to see a pattern) since 2012. Rabat boasts Roman ruins, maze-like medieval districts, a modern tram system, and an expanded airport.

30. Bend, Oregon: On my list – friend of mine lives here. Visit Bend if you’re into craft beers (26 breweries!) and pretty much any outdoor activities.

29. Papua New Guinea: One of the Pacific’s most isolated islands. Cruise ships are now welcome, so put diving and birdwatching on your itinerary.

28. Greenland: Popular for whale, iceberg, and glacier tours. But, it’s actually greener than you’d think! Being a Danish territory, and having several friends who have successfully visited, this is definitely on my list!

27. Campeche, Mexico: Yucatan peninsula jungle-reserve, described as a less-touristed ancient Mayan city. Also, much to our surprise, a Unesco World Heritage site.

26. Manchester, England: Well. There’s little for me to say about Manchester — It’s simply somewhere I have to go. Maybe I’ll wait until the Hotel Football (backed by 5 former Manchester United players) opens next to Old Trafford. Anyways, this historic industrial hub has become edgy and cultural with recent renovations. Glory, Glory Man United!

(At this point, I realize these few sentences of summaries are a lot of work, and I’m busy, and lazy, so I’m just going to complete the list with locations. My apologies, don’t want to push sharing this article back any further. Click the link, here, if you’d like to learn more on the destinations!)

25. Georgia (the country)

24. Adelaide, Australia

23. New Orleans, Louisiana: I’ve been here, twice!

22. Sri Lanka

21. Cleveland, Ohio

20. Oman

19. Steamboat Springs, Colorado: Hoping to make it to Colorado this year…

18. North Coast of Peru

17. Tanzania

16. Lower Manhattan, New York: Was here 2 months ago!

15. Burgundy, France

14. Zimbabwe

13. Orlando, Florida: Been here a couple of times. I recommend Colombia Burger.

12. St. Vincent and the Grenadines

11. Medellín, Colombia

10. Macedonia

9. Faroe Islands: autonomous part of Denmark – a place I definitely have to go!

8. Bolivia

7. Durban, South Africa

6. Singapore

5. Elqui Valley, Chile

4. Yellowstone National Park

3. Philadelphia

2. Cuba

1. Milan, Italy: somewhat surprising of a #1, but hey, I’d still do almost anything for a week in Milan. Speaking of which, if you’re in Atlanta, check out Clark Howard’s current travel deals. Very relevant.

So, how many have you been to (me, 6)? Planning on going to any this year? Any suggestions for the list??


3 Replies to “Places to go in 2015”

  1. Ah, so many places, so little time (and $$)!!

    A few places stand out: Def. Greenland and Faroe Islands, being
    Danish. I would almost put Faroe Islands over Greenland.

    Caceres, Spain. Fly into Madrid, drive to Caceres – and then you are
    halfway to Lisbon, Portugal = 2-in-1

    Azerbaijan….., it borders Iran, and very close to (maybe too close
    for comfort?) to Iraq/Russia/Ukraine/ISIS territories. I wouldnt go.
    Think orange jumpsuits..

    Quebec City: Fly to Burtlington, VT, then drive to Montreal and then
    along Sct. Laurence River to Quebec City and back on the other side
    of river. Perfect rountrip route.

    Great NY Times link, love travelling.


  2. Update: Mashable published today their list of the top global destinations for 2015 according to travelers.

    USA Destinations:
    10. San Diego, CA
    9. Palm Springs, CA
    8. New Orleans, LA
    7. Washington, D.C.
    6. San Francisco, CA
    5. Seattle, Washington
    4. Las Vegas, Nevada
    3. Charleston, SC
    2. Chicago, Illinois
    1. New York City

    Global Destinations:
    10. Cape Town, South Africa
    9. Paris, France
    8. Buenos Aires, Argentina
    7. Rome, Italy
    6. London, UK
    5. Prague, Czech Republic
    4. Hanoi, Vietnam
    3. Istanbul, Turkey
    2. Siem Reap, Cambodia
    1. Marrakech, Morocco


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