Emoji’d Me (2015) 😆

Pull up your keyboard, go to your Emojis, and check out the “recently used.” What do they say about you? Might be a bit of a stretch here, but any personality give-aways, surprises, or maybe you just don’t care at all? It’s ok. I don’t think mine say much about me, either, but I just saw this Instagram post from Victoria Azarenka and wanted to share, and post mine! Kind of eye opening.


Here are mine. (Keep in mind – it’s mid-February, and I’m sure my summer-time Emojis will be much different! 😊⛵️☀️🍺🎾⚽️ )
So, I’m using mostly faces. Hmm. I think they’re fun, and usually I’m too lazy to dig around the other categories, unless for a specific reason. So I end up picking my recently used Emojis over and over…

my recent emojis

What do you think? Maybe you can figure me out from these 18 pictures? And what do yours look like?? Would love to see – you can use this tool to post Emojis in comments 👍

One Reply to “Emoji’d Me (2015) 😆”

  1. Hey,checked mine, its mostly beer/food/sun/smileys/sports — guess thattells in short my interests:) love, dad 


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