US Open Series: BB&T Atlanta Open

Last night Katie and I went to Atlantic Station to watch the BB&T Atlanta Open. It was College Night and we were pumped about buy one get one free tickets, but ended up being handed two tickets by some dude who said he wouldn’t use them. After my first experience at Which Wich, which was amazing, this was a pretty nice surprise. We found some seats in the less-than-crowded AJC Grandstand Stadium just in time to watch Nathan Pasha take on world number 91 Lukas Lacko. I was a little disappointed by the turnout. I was expecting a bigger crowd for “college night” and more Dawgs to come out and support Nathan. Nathan is a rising Senior at UGA and kills it on the Men’s team there. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to pull it out last night, but he’s got a bright future ahead of him nonetheless.

The event was overall great. I’ve never really hung out in Atlantic Station and I was pleasantly surprised. Not sure it’s an area I would live in, but for events like this it was perfect. Tons of restaurants/bars and very walkable. I just wonder how the area gets later at night…

Below are two pictures of Nathan serving, followed by the highlight of the night. We met Herschel Walker! What a great guy, and I’m not just saying that because he’s like the UGA God. He was genuinely interested in talking to us, congratulated us on our graduation, and invited us to his Athens restaurant. (You have to try their wings and Chicken & Waffles!) And even though he’s 52, judging by his handshake and appearance, I’d say he’s still cut out for UFC and NFL.

Nathan Pasha



Nate Serving

Katie and I with Herschel Walker

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