Workout: Chest Routine

Still trying to make this blog more lifestyle and add some posts on fitness, nutrition, etc. So, here’s a chest workout I did a couple of days ago with a new friend, Trey, I met at my local LA Fitness. The guy was a beast, telling me to pretend I was in a fight during the workout, and:

“we made these weights, they didn’t make us”

So here’s the program:

Incline Barbell
5 X 15, 12, 5, 5, 5 reps

Incline Dumbbell
4 X 15 reps

Decline Press Machine
4 X 8-15 reps

Standing Cable Flies
(chest out, legs bent, looking upwards)
3 X 10 high, 10 middle, 10 low crosses = 30 total reps per set
Super-set with chair dips (bent legs) until failure

Wide grip – 10 reps
Wide grip curl ups – 10 reps

Safe to say you’ll be feeling this the day after! Let me know if you’ll be trying it out, or if you recommend any other programs!

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