The Future of Technology

The future is looking bright. Literally. Technology and LED screens will soon be everywhere. Smartphones, smart watches, Google Glass, electronic billboards, and so forth are only the beginning. With this trend comes an increasingly smart and technologically savvy society, complete with square shaped pupils! (“Don’t sit too close to the TV or else… You can’t watch too much TV because…” Didn’t anybody else’s Mom tell them this??)

I imagine societies will be ultra-connected, compared to the “decent” connectivity we have today. I say “decent” because, you know, you can’t completely stalk people with your personal bee-sized drone yet. When are the Bruce Willis Surrogates coming out? When will we see Will Smith’s iRobots??

Anyways, there certainly will be some mind boggling inventions. Google Glass, for example, is pretty darn impressive in it’s current early adopter stage. To see an example of possible uses, check out this article from Mashable exemplifying innovation.

Google Glass in museums rather than the historic audio guides. Genius. Also, imagine how much easier it would be to find a hole-in-the-wall NYC restaurant in the middle of rush hour using Google Glass’s maps and directions!

I’m certain we’ll see unfathomable changes in the next 10, heck, 5 years and although it may be overwhelming to some, the innovations will surely make life easier.  Isn’t that what technology is for in the first place?

Would love to hear your thoughts and comments!


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