Social Currency Index, Q1 2014 – Insightpool

Click Here To View

Comparative Analysis – Axe vs. Old Spice (2013)

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Young-Germany.de World Cup (2014)

Global Ambassador for 2014 World Cover coverage.

Beyond the Pie – Georgia Pecan Commission – New Marketing Approach (2014)

IABC Silver Quill Award Entry Organization: The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Pecans Category: Marketing Communication Click Here To View

Personality Assessments (2014)

Took tests in September 2014, via DNA Behavior International, who provide behavioral management solutions for improving performance. Click Here To View Communication DNA Results Click Here To View Business DNA Results

Kickapoo Joy Juice (2014-2016)

Client work for Monarch Beverage Company’s Kickapoo Joy Juice (CPG). October 2015: Social Media Influencer Marketing, Campaign Ideation, Partnerships

Social Media Customer Care Deck

Generic presentation made for a major financial services client around raising program awareness and reducing call center activity with a social media customer care presence.

Leveraging LinkedIn (2016)

Reddit Social Media Analysis (2016)

SXSW 2016 Takeaways

cv / resume

Distortion Copenhagen Letter of Rec


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