Social Media Traps

Found this article today on regarding social media traps to avoid. Give the article a read for more information — I completely agree with all 3 of their suggestions.

1. Avoid Automation

Scheduling posts ahead of time, cross-promoting status updates, monitoring all your platforms on HootSuite… Sounds like “automation domination.” However, this isn’t where the problem is. The problem lies in the idea of sounding like a robot online. You must bring life and personality to your brand on social platforms! It’s important that people feel they are connecting with a relatable and honest human being. Check out the Bank of America example posted with the article.

2. Avoid Acting Like a Teenager

When you’re curating information to push out to your customers, it’s important you consider your audience. You want to push the limits and be humorous, but never overstep your boundaries. An example of acting immaturely on social media is the constant uploading of “memes” even as a professional brand. People will quickly lose interest, and “unlike” your page because the posts are annoying and obtrusive. It is important to hook your audience emotionally, but find another way. For example, create short video clips or share pictures with a meaning and story behind them.

Also, it is important to post more than just static content. Hold random giveaways or even run community based initiatives for a new slogan, logo, etc. Ask simple questions having to do with everyday life or peoples’ preferences. This is how you get people interested engaging with you. The more users returning to your page, the better your social campaign is going.

3. Avoid a Strategy Without Analytics

Analytics are huge. This is how you track how your engagement is progressing. What type of interactions are you having and how meaningful are they? Your campaign won’t get anywhere without analytics. Here are 10 useful analytics tools from Venture Beat.

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