Prince is Coming to Atlanta!

Released today, tennis giant Prince Global Sports stated that they are relocating their corporate HQ from Bordentown (New Jersey) to Atlanta (Georgia). As a big tennis guy, this is great news for both Prince and Atlanta. It will no doubt help the already thriving Atlanta tennis scene, but should also be advantageous for Prince.

UGA tennis standout and current pro John Isner already promotes Prince, which leads me to wonder if Prince will reach out to UGA’s tennis programs, or possibly Georgia Tech.

Prince CEO Mike Ballardie at a press release:

“Atlanta has a thriving tennis community with more men, women and children playing tennis than any other U.S. city, making it a great home base for Prince.

As a global brand we are involved at all levels of the sport from juniors to supporting key professionals in tennis and squash tournaments all over the world. Leveraging our assets with Atlanta’s location, talented workforce and the travel options offered by Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will be a tremendous benefit to the company.”

I couldn’t agree more. Look forward to seeing how this progresses, and how many jobs Prince bring with them.

“Rule the Court”

More here.

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