Since I’m being called “Danish Prince” at work these days I guess some people find it hard to believe I have a Southern side… So even though it’s a bit late, but I had to write a post to prove that I actually went. Here’s my Nascar recap.

It’s Labor Day weekend and my beach plans fell through. So rather than hustle to come up with something else I decided to join the group of ~15 people I knew heading to the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, GA for the races. And by races, I mean tailgates. I honestly could not even tell you who won the race, and I can barely name any drivers beyond Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon. So no, I’m not a Nascar fan.

I only ended up staying for one night, but it was a good time. We did have a bit of a VIP set-up which certainly helped. Some of those RV’s were crazy nice. Check out these pictures below.

RV Viewing Area

This is where you sit to watch the races. Chairs and flat screen TV’s up top, pretty neat. The views were nice, and always something interesting to look (or stare) at.

Atlanta Motor Speedway

And, below, is the inside of an RV – complete with a home theater setup and chimney. Excuse picture quality…

RV With Chimney

The coolest part was that we had passes for the Pits, meaning we got to meet a driver and watch some laps and pitstops from 5 feet away. My buddy’s dad, Alan Carlquist, is a manager at Value Lighting who sponsor Jeremy Clements, so it was great to meet him and have a picture taken. I’ll work on adding some videos I took to YouTube so I can put them in the post as well.

Jeremy Clements

So that all looks pretty nice, right? Well, that’s not where we really hung out. This is where the party was:

Cain Cantrell Bus

I don’t think I’ll ever forget this bus, or the trailer I slept in. Reminded me of High School spring break, minus the beach and real beds. More pictures…

Terrapin Beer Company

We had a Terrapin rep with us, and Terrapin is one of my favorite beers, so that worked out well. It’s coolers-galore at NASCAR, and for good reason — Imagine being somewhere for 2-3 days with no fridges. Ya.

Here’s the inside of the bus. I actually thought they did a great job and it turned out really well. Enough room to sleep 5-10 inside, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling (or how much you’ve had to drink).

Cain Cantrell NASCAR Bus

Oh and we watched the Dawgs beat up on Clemson at a neighbor’s projector set-up. This also worked out well!

Nascar projector - UGA v Clemson

Fun experience, but not so sure I’ll jump on the next opportunity to go to Nascar. My stomach still hurts from the beer, brats, and burgers!

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