Drinking, Streaming, and Partying

Cross-post from guesting blogging the World Cup for Young Germany.

The 2014 World Cup has now been played for about a week and a half, and I wanted to provide my thoughts on the action, and show you how I’ve been watching! We are quickly progressing through the group stage and a week away from the knockout stage. It needs to slow down…

It’s been an unbelievable tournament so far! The ousting of Spain, struggles of England, American triumph and Costa Rican upsets. Soccer is impossibly unpredictable in itself, let alone at the World Cup. I do have to say that Spain has been the biggest surprise for me, so far. I admit it was a pleasant surprise though :-)

Steffan's Desk

I have been out to a couple bars to watch games, but mostly stream the games from my computer in the office at work, or head to a friend’s house to watch. This is what it looks like when I pull up the games (via ESPN3) at the office. Currently watching France beating Switzerland 5-2! Thank God for two screens!

It’s really unfortunate the ‘better’ games have been on at noon and 3pm. 6pm can also be a tough time to watch because the Atlanta traffic is horrendous!

North River Tavern (photo: Steffan Pedersen)

I’ve included some pictures of the bar where we watched the USA vs. Ghana. The bar is called North River Tavern and is in Roswell, Georgia. It may be hard to tell because it’s so dark, but everyone is dressed in their most patriotic red, white and blue.

North River Tavern: our group (photo: Steffan Pedersen)

They sold these awesome golden Budweiser bottles at the bar that picture the World Cup trophy on them!

North River Tavern: World Cup Budweiser (photo: Steffan Pedersen)

For the England vs. Italy game, I happened to be at a local Beerfest in Brookhaven ($40 all you can drink from 150+ beers!) where they had the game on TV’s outside the Bud Light Mobile bar. I’ve included pictures from the Beerfest and Bud Light bar, where tons of people were dressed in England and Italy jerseys in anticipation of the big game! It was a great place to watch.

Atlanta Beerfest World Cup

This weekend I am heading to the Atlanta Soccerfest on Sunday for the USA vs. Portugal game! I’m expecting a huge crowd and a lot of fun! It’s really interesting that these types of watch parties are popping up all over the place… Local businesses and parks are jumping on the World Cup bandwagon to gain publicity and business. Don’t get me wrong — I love it. The more soccer related things I see everyday, the happier I am. The soccer community in Atlanta has been thriving in the last couple of years, but this past month has really been the most explosive I have ever seen it. I’ve met many people, and read multiple blogs, where Americans are admitting to now being huge soccer fans!

Beerfest Soccer

The sense of community that you can build around soccer is unparalleled, and Americans are beginning to pick up on that. These watch parties and the passion behind the crowd are persuasive and enticing to any sports fan, even if you dislike soccer.

I can’t wait to have an MLS team in Atlanta in 2017! You’ll see me leading these communities and getting the city ready for the 2018 World Cup! Great timing to convert some more Americans to the real “football” :-)



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