Introduction and Rates

Welcome to my site! I’m glad you came to check me out! Please bear with me as I’m making the transition to establishing an online presence. Now let’s get started.

My name is Steffan Pedersen and I’m a 23 year old UGA graduate, Go Dawgs. I have over 15 years of tennis experience, including: USTA, ALTA, competitive regional tournaments, stringing, advanced drill-groups, college club tennis, coaching, ball boying, tournament volunteering, court maintenance, and even played a tournament in Europe once! I’m pretty sure I’ve spent more time with a racket in my hands than without one. 

Anyways, I offer convenient services for a fair price. After all of the tennis I’ve gone through in my life, trust me, I understand it can become an expensive hobby. Well I’m here to help! 

Keep in mind, I can guarantee your racket back within 24 hours or less. Have a match in the afternoon but no racket to play with?! I can work with you here as well 🙂 

My negotiable rates are as follows:

    • $10/racket if customer provides the strings
    • $15/racket if you would like to select one of my strings
    • $5 per replacement grip
    • $3 per over grip
    • Grommet prices vary
    • Promotions and packages available for high volume, high frequency customers
    • And as always, I can order anything you need
    • Very negotiable on rates. Usually ~$30/hour
    • Can work with ages 8-80!
    • Available as a hitting partner
    • Promotions and packages available

The machine I use is an Alpha Revo 4000. Well calibrated, and well maintained, this stringer has gotten the job done for me for the last 10 years! To remain reliable and transparent, I even invite you to join me and come watch me string your racket. I can walk you through the process, and talk tennis while I’m at it. 

Although my inventory varies, here are a few pictures of what I currently have in stock. Again, requests for grips, grommets, strings, etc. can all be discussed with no problem!

Strings: Synthetic Gut (Gold and White), Nylon (Red), Wilson Enduro Pro (grey)

Miscellaneous: Wilson Stenciling available in Red and Black. Tourna-grip in blue and white, Wilson and Gamma replacement grips (contour and original), Head over grips, Head grommets, Prince over grips, Wilson over grips, vibration dampners/shock absorbers, and string savers.

Also for sale: Wilson 12-pack bag. In used condition, but still a great bag. Similar to the one pictured below. Inquiry for more details.

Remember, I can string any racket you put in front of me. This includes badminton, squash, racquetball, and most other racket-sports. If you have any doubts or questions, just ask!

I look forward to hearing from you soon! 


Steffan Pedersen
Chimney Springs Subdivision
2644 Fieldstone Path, Marietta, GA 30062

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