Google’s $3,200,000,000 Purchase

I had to include the entire number in the title just to show how significant this is. 3.2 BILLION dollar purchase of Nest! (Read more from This is on top of other recent purchases including Calico, Boston Dynamics, and Motorola. Google has seemingly become a giant in nearly every industry these days, and must be planning big things for the future. Also think — driverless cars and robotics are industries they have planted stakes in recently.

As we all know, Google is all about data. Here’s an example of the data Nest will now be providing to Google. Energy reports. Month to month, hours used, differences caused by temperature change, tips, interesting facts, and much much more.

This leads to the idea that Google is closing the gap on creating “Smart Homes”. Quite an exciting thought. With Google’s networks and connections, it would be great if they could use Nest’s products to dramatically decrease America (and the Worlds) energy usage. It’s about time super companies begin sustainability practices.

For those of you who don’t know much about Nest, they are company formed in 2011 by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, specializing in thermostats and smoke alarms. I’ve included images of their sleek and intelligent products with this post. Their products have raving reviews and are consistently best sellers. Furthermore, Google CEO Larry Page describes the team these men have created as “tremendous”. Fadell, Philips Electronics developer and designer of the iPod, will continue to lead Nest separately from Google’s operations. The deal with Google is set to close in the coming months.

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