Update on Cristiano Ronaldo

He’s at it again!

If you look back my post from November, you’ll see some information about soccer-stud Cristiano Ronaldo trying to market his name into the business world. His previous attempt entailed men’s underwear, but now he’s started his own social network! (Read more at Mirror Online).

Titled Viva Ronaldo, the site offers photos, games, community interaction, and opportunities to meet and play soccer with Ronaldo himself. The website offers connections to his Twitter and Facebook pages, so you can easily post/tweet to him, and the network is even available for download in the App Store. (Get it HERE)

It will be interesting to see an athlete take a “fansite” to the next level by creating a social network revolved around himself. Even more interesting to see if the network succeeds. For this international superstar, however, it may not be too difficult as he is the most followed athlete on Twitter, with 23,614,324 followers. That’s a little more than twice what LeBron accounts for!

Winning the 2014 Ballon d’Or (given annually to the best individual soccer player in the world) may also help this ever growing superstar’s popularity and reach extend just a little bit further. The 28 year old beat out Messi and Ribery to take home the prestigious award. Here he is, pictured emotionally holding the award.

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