ciao ✌️

I’m Steffan, and I’m living temporarily in Geneva by way of Copenhagen, Florence, Berlin, and San Francisco.

I spend my time exploring and going for walks, and taking care of myself and helping those around me. Right now I’m most interested in travel, maps, urban planning and researching social trends. I like to personalize experiences and find the best ways to do things “my way”, and can confidently point you in the direction of the best cappuccino and pasticcini in any town I’ve visited. I’ve most recently traveled to New Zealand, Australia, London, and Puglia, and hope to visit Japan soon.

In (literally) mapping my travels and traveling comfortably, I’ve naturally become an unofficial ambassador for Airbnb and Google Maps – two platforms I have immense respect for and communities I believe in. Feel free to reach out should you have questions or feelings about Airbnb or Google Maps, I’d love to chat.

📸 You can follow along on Instagram @5teffan

If you’d like to chat or are looking for some travel recommendations, hit me up.

Although I’m mostly creating other things at the moment, I sometimes blog:

✈️ Places I’ve been in the world
🗺 Google Maps Recommendations
🏠 Consumer Engagement at Airbnb
❤️ Finding Support Online
🍿 Netflix’s Company Culture
🎙 @WomenInTech Interview
👨‍💻 GIFs (of mostly Donald Glover)

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