ciao ✌️

Ciao, sono Steffan.

I like to wander. So it’s hard to say where I am in the world as you read this, but I’m mostly between Florence, NYC and San Francisco. I’ve also been seen recently living in Berlin, Geneva, Copenhagen, and Atlanta.

I spend my time exploring and helping those around me, and I’m most interested in travel, mapping, and analyzing human trends. And of course everything Italy.

🌍 I’ve most recently traveled to New Zealand, Australia, Sonoma County, and Puglia, and hope to visit Japan next.

📸 You can follow along on Instagram @ciaosteffan

💌 If you’d like to chat or are looking for some travel recommendations, hit me up.

Although I’m mostly creating other things at the moment, I sometimes blog:

🌻 The Bloom (Newsletter)
🗺 Google Maps Recommendations
🏠 Consumer Engagement at Airbnb
❤️ Finding Support Online
🍿 Netflix’s Company Culture
🎙 @WomenInTech Interview
✈️ Places I’ve been in the world
👨‍💻 GIFs (of mostly Donald Glover)

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