Update on the MLS

Some interesting developments this week with regards to MLS Soccer. I keep close tabs on the MLS and its accomplishments, as a huge soccer fan interested in how this industry will expand. Well this week the news includes Beckham bringing a team to Miami, salary cap projections, and the NYCFC Badge.

New York Times reported yesterday that Beckham is back, as an Owner of a new club. The Miami based team will become the 22nd club in the MLS (hopefully with a team in Atlanta to follow!). Don Garber, commissioner of the MLS, did however announce that the team would not be likely to play until the 2016 season. It is obvious that they will need a new stadium also. I found it interesting that in 2007 when Beckham signed as a player, a clause was included allowing him future purchase of a club for the under market value price of $25 million. As it looks today, as soon as a stadium deal is set up, the team will be announced. However, NYCFC (the league’s 20th club) paid a reported $100 million and does not even have a temporary stadium for their inaugural 2015 season. Also debuting in the 2015 season is the league’s 21st club, Orlando City. Hopefully this surge in Southeastern clubs will draw Falcons owner Arthur Blank to opening a club here in Atlanta! Interesting stuff here, can’t wait to see how it develops.

Another interesting article I found today dealt with the salary cap situation in the MLS. It’s quite complicated to read, but very interesting if you’re into soccer/wages in the MLS. It basically talks about how, if the MLS want to be a top club by 2022, the salary cap will be the number one issue that needs to be addressed. Currently Clint Dempsey’s salary is at $8 million, the highest in the MLS, compared to the $36k minimum salary. Meaning Dempsey’s salary can pay for around 222 minimum salary players. The article provides more breakdown of salaries for starters, substitutes, and reserve players which was interesting to read about. Also discussed is the money that the MLS makes and where it comes from. Included in this article is information regarding the MLS relationship to SUM (Soccer United Marketing), who were set up in 2002 to manage the marketing and rights to soccer in the United States. SUM currently manages the MLS, USSF and even the Mexican National teams appearances in America. Wow. So in turn, this means that the Mexican international squad is actually helping the MLS.

The final article for today I found on Bleacher Report. The new, New York squad named NYCFC (co-owned by the New York Yankees and Manchester City) thought that some community interaction could be advantageous for creating a new team badge. Remember people, social media does not always play nicely. Here’s an example of a user created badge, head to the website linked above to check out the rest.

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