Content Marketing Tips and Real Time Marketing

Creating and curating content is an important factor in any marketing campaign, predominantly seen in the B2C segment. Although I am not a professionally artist or particularly skilled in programs like Photoshop, content marketing appeals to me at a very high level. Content marketing is so appealing because it encompasses any content released to engage consumers. Say, for example, this blog was a well-known brand in the marketing world; I would be creating and releasing content right now! The content must be relevant and valuable to gain an attraction and eventually a profitable customer action. Content marketing is used to make the customer more intelligent, versus rivalrous forms of marketing which target less advantageous schemes. If a customer feels he/she can rely on your content, and even gain intelligence through consumption, this creates a serious attachment and greatly increases their willingness to buy from your brand. I found two articles today with notable discussions and tips regarding content marketing.

The first linked article today comes from the Engage blog regarding Google Analytics. Content creators should understand and utilize analytics systems (such as the one powered by Google) to drive more engagement and see where their web traffic is deriving from. The first tip offered is to engineer an organic keyword/phrase. Anything original that you can twist into your content will make search engine traffic greatly increase with higher quality visitors. The next tip is to look at the top performing articles each month. Investigate what styles, headlines, subjects, etc. that your readers most prefer. Content promotion is very interesting in content marketing, and can make or break your campaign. The final tip from Engage is to round-up old content. You don’t always have to release new and innovative content. Sometimes followers simply miss out on a great post, or your style wasn’t quite right. This gives you a great opportunity to curate this old information into a new and more appealing post.

The next linked articles comes from Post Advertising, and is about how to shine on Twitter. Real time marketing, through platforms like Twitter, is a widely utilized medium and is growing at an exponential rate. Real time marketing occurs at random, but is mostly seen practiced during major tent pole events (Oscars, Super Bowl, etc.). The simplicity of this form of marketing is what appeals to me, although it may be easier for the large brands with mass followings to utilize this strategy. For example, Oreo released a simple picture on Twitter when the royal baby was trending that stated “Prepare the Royal Bottle Service” with an Oreo next to a baby bottle of milk. It hits the audience as a random surprise, but comes with an awesome factor. This lets your audience know that you are in fact paying attention to the world around you, and that you do want to connect with them. You must stay on your toes during a live-tweet session in order to delight your audience and surprise them at any given opportunity. Twitter and real-time marketing are two of the most exciting strategies today. There will be pressure to release the correct content at the correct time but with an effectively designed strategy and witty workers, the brand will profit.

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