Sunday Night Football Feat & Soccer in the States

Browsing the Internet this afternoon I came across a couple of exciting developments in the soccer community. As you probably know, soccer is not the most popular sport in America but is by far the most popular sport in the world. Its popularity is growing exponentially here in the States, and with the growth in fans there will undoubtedly be a growth in the business sector. Having previous sports management experience through an internship with Georgia Soccer, I am very excited about what the future of soccer looks like in my country. That being said, there was also an exciting occurrence in American football last night.

Did you happen to watch Sunday Night Football last night between the 49ers and Seahawks? It was a great game, despite the one hour lightning delay. At the end of the first quarter the Seattle fans accomplished quite a feat, enough so that it is now a Guinness World Record! The fans in Seattle are referred to as the “12th Man”, serving as both a football and soccer nickname. Seattle is very supportive of both their 49ers and their Sounders, holding an above average attendance rate for both teams. (It helps that both teams have become serious title contenders the past few seasons.) The accomplished feat? A world record for crowd roar. The crowd hit 131.9 decibels, beating the previous record of 131.76 set by soccer fans at the Ali Sami Yen Sport Complex Turk Telekom Arena in Istanbul, Turkey. But wait, there’s more. CLink Stadium’s 68,338 went on to BEAT their own new record later on in the 4th quarter, hitting 136.6 decibels. According to the Decibel Comparison Chart by Galen Carol Audio, this is less than 4 decibels away from the unrivaled noise created by a jet engine. Fascinating stuff. Keep it up fans, you’re the ones keeping the industry alive!

That was a nice transition to the real news I discovered today. According to ESPN, Miami is lagging behind Orlando and ATLANTA in their pursuit of the next MLS expansion. A suitable stadium is holding back Miami’s bid, whereas Atlanta couldn’t be more ready for an MLS team. With the Falcons set to open a new stadium in the year 2017 and Arthur Blank continuously supporting soccer in Atlanta, we can only pray that our bid is accepted and we are the next city to join Major League Soccer. My train of thought leads to me the career opportunities this would create in Atlanta. Long have I thought about working with the Atlanta Silverbacks, an NASL team, but having a real MLS team in Atlanta would surpass that opportunity incomparably. So… Here’s to wishful thinking and a bright future in Atlanta sports — God knows we need it!!

Atlanta Journal Constitution Article on MLS Expansion

Also, I’ve attached a picture of the current state of the MLS. Cities with an existing team show the team logo, cities with a prospective team show the MLS logo. 

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