Social Media Marketing Tactics

Today I found an insightful article from RIS media about social marketing tactics to share with you. This was an eye opening article, and important in todays day and age. Almost every company is doing something social, but without thinking of the tactics that should go along with it. It’s not only important to have a presence online, but you must also use it appropriately.

This article states that for both B2B and B2C marketing, improving customer engagement is the most important objective of social strategies, followed by increasing website traffic and increasing overall content reach. It is impressive to me that the people at RIS understand that these objectives are more important than increasing sales revenue, since they will eventually do that as well.

The next chart showed the most effective social tactics for B2B and B2C marketing. Creating articles and blog post content was ranked #1 for both B2B and B2C, followed by creating social share buttons for B2C and creating research articles for B2B which makes sense.

The final chart illustrated the most difficult tactics to execute for B2B and B2C social strategies. Creating audio/video content ranked first for both categories. This does take time and effort, but then again, you should spend most of your time curating content, so this makes sense. You will not achieve a successful campaign if you do not take the necessary steps in creating the content. People these days are good at estimating the effort put into ads, etc. so it is important to put a lot of time into this.

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