Instagram Social Marketing Platform

I found an interesting article today on TechCrunch about Fanbase Media debuting a social platform for Instagram. Fanbase Media, if you haven’t heard of it, is a new social marketing start-up (I swear there are soooo many social start-ups these days!). The company is only manned by 3 people who just help companies like Michael Kors run promotions and contests on the photo sharing site, Instagram. Fanbase believes social marketing is going from a stage of simply pushing out content, to a stage of compiling and gathering user generated content and using that content to get marketing results. The engagement and interactions using user-generated content completely outweighs just publishing content. Fanbase has already begun making an impact on the Instagram community, but has also recently started working with Vine (a Twitter created mobile app).

They believe the place to be is with strictly mobile apps where people take pictures/share stuff directly from their mobile phones. This makes sense as this industry is exploding and people cannot get enough of these social apps. Apps, smartphones, and the marketing that goes along with them is constantly evolving and is super exciting to me! Even in the last year there have been crazy shifts in social platforms and a huge shift in marketing on these platforms. Companies are finally coming around to social media, as they should.

Fanbase is smart for creating the platform they did, but in this industry I believe it’s tough to survive too long because so many new start-ups come along every day. With technology, nothing is going to last forever since someone will always come up with a more creative/faster/cooler way of doing something. Also, the platforms like Instagram and Vine are not to be dwelled on, as we have no idea how long they’ll last. Sites like Vine and Instagram are trendy, but not as powerful as Twitter and Facebook in my opinion. However, this doesn’t mean there are huge opportunities there, because there are!

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