Spring Break Experience & Google Reader

Been a while since I’ve blogged… Nice to be back on here again. I’m finally back in school-mode after a week of tests and papers. Two weeks ago I went on a Spring Break cruise to Nassau/St. Thomas/St. Maarten on the Carnival Dream. If you haven’t heard of this boat by now, you must live under a rock. To sum up the story, the boat broke down in the St. Maarten port (similar to what happened to the Carnival Triumph a few weeks before). Air conditioning was off for maybe an hour, elevators didn’t work, and some toilets overflowed. It wasn’t bad at all. The staff kept us very educated as to what was going on, and a time frame for recovery. When I woke up the next morning still in St. Maarten, we knew we weren’t going anywhere. It ended up being an engine problem, and we’d all have to be flown back to Orlando on charter flights. (Rough couple weeks for Carnival… $$) But as it relates to social media, it was crazy on CNN how blown up the story got. CNN made it seem like our conditions were horrible and exaggerated 10x more than I ever expected. Once I was back home I went on Carnival’s Facebook page. They were very quick to update and inform their “fans”, which I was impressed by. It’s important to be responsive in an eventful time like this. I will still ride Carnival, and have no problems with the cruise line whatsoever. (The 50% off another cruise coupon helped a little I suppose…)

The next issue I chose to blog about today is Google’s decision to shut down their RSS feed, Google Reader. To me this is somewhat shocking as it is a widely used and reputable tool. Some quotes from the article suggest that social media may be the new RSS, and that the shut down of Google’s program may be a net positive overall.  A lot of new programs have been made in the last 5 years that haven’t seen action because of Google’s program, so this is an interesting development. The effect of this decision hasn’t been seen yet, but I’ll be sure to update you when more data becomes available. It is sure to make an impression on the content marketing scene and in social media.

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