News This Week

I ran across this article today from CNN about social media and vandalism. Summed up, it states that vandals are putting graffiti tags all over rock formations in Joshua Tree National Park in California. The park’s had to be closed temporarily to try to weed off this trend. What the article kept saying that confused me, however, is how social media is driving this trend. I don’t know that I could ever see this catching on in social media. I personally wouldn’t support this as it is illegal and defacement of National Park property nonetheless, and I’m sure social media communities would react similarly to the way I would. It’s hard to stop something like this from happening… Maybe a social media campaign should be put together to raise awareness and the community can help stop it?

Another couple articles that caught my eye were about the Master’s golf tournament that were held in Augusta, Georgia this weekend. What was interesting this year was that the tournament was broadcasted on a split between CBS and ESPN, so it was rather confusing to follow at times. Also, it was never on TV for a full day of action, rather it started around 2 or 3 PM everyday. Following online may have been your best bet. Think of the simplicity and convenience for people to follow online rather than the time consuming process of sitting and watching every slow-paced shot, just waiting for some action. Vine accounts were created, which is a great platform for highlights given it’s 6 second, chopped video capabilities. Live streams were also created online, at, so along with that comes a “Social Hub” for engagement and interaction during the stream. An all-in-one destination is ideal for the future, but could bear quite the cost for one station to get the rights by themselves. But with the social media buzz around events like this today, if a proper campaign is crafted alongside the purchase of these rights, engagement will push the awareness and satisfaction associated with your channel. It’s a risk that major networks should be willing to make. I personally can’t believe that someone like Golf Channel didn’t want to be the face of the Master’s coverage. Maybe next year.

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