World Cup 2014

Last night I was watching ESPN Outside the Lines and an interesting story came on about the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. I’ve linked ESPN’s “topics” page here, as they consistently publish intriguing sports news/stories. Anyways, the story was about the lower and middle classes in Brazil beginning to protest the World Cup. Not because they dislike the sport, but because of the way their government is handling and organizing it. We must remember, Brazil is a relatively new country when it comes to democracy, and in some parts democracy can be hard to find.

The leaders have begun tearing down schools and hospitals just to build parking lots for the bigger stadiums. Teachers have now begun their own protests, and the exponential growth of people involved will eventually cause some kind of a revolution in the streets of Brazil.

There are articles about this everywhere, but here’s one I found also related to this issue (article online from Eye Witness News). As protestors fill the streets, crowd control becomes an issue for the government — which means pepper spray, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

I guess this is the real cost of hosting a World Cup, at least in a somewhat underdeveloped country like Brazil. Although Brazil’s culture calls for an ideal World Cup location, the government, transportation, infrastructure, etc. must be in place prior to attempting this type of development. Please share this story, it’s important the people in Brazil are heard and that changes come sooner rather than later.

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