Cristiano Ronaldo – a Business Man?

We all (hopefully) know who international soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is, if not — check out these highlights. And if you don’t really know soccer, just trust me that he’s good. Pretty much he’s my favorite player and extremely entertaining to watch, so the recent announcement of his attempt to transcend futbol is big news to me.

Being a very fashionable individual, as well as the world’s high paid footballer, meant that eventually he would probably try to enter the fashion market. Well, now he finally has… WITH AN UNDERWEAR LINE!! The question now is: will he be able to succeed in the ways David Beckham has? Beckham, an English footballer now residing in the USA, is quite possibly one of the wealthiest and most well known athletes of all time. He has endorsements with everything from watch companies, to car companies and perfumes/underwear lines at H&M. Also, he is now in the early stages of bringing a new MLS franchise to Miami! On the other hand, Ronaldo is often seen as individualistic and selfish, which may lead people to believe he is simply trying to make more money. However, he does play for a big club and is physically appealing, so the odds are in his favor in terms of marketability and reach. The linked article includes some of CR7’s endorsements and deals throughout the years if you’re interesting in reading more. I just thought this was an interesting development and it would be exciting for all of us to see how it progresses. Will his “selfish, bad boy” demeanor kill his fashion attempt, or will his skills and fans buy into his brand extension?

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