Personal Branding

Marketing yourself. It is one of the most important forms of marketing everybody should master. This goes for resumes, cover letters, interviews, and really any other situation where you find yourself with an opportunity to grow. You must understand how to carefully network yourself with new connections, as to avoid boasting or being too humble. A creative post I found while browsing my Facebook feed is attached below. How awesome is that resume?! It demonstrates a fantastic way to originally market yourself, but also acts as an example of how you may possess skills in design. It really jumped off the screen at me, and I had to share it.

To expand on marketing yourself, I found a great article about understanding yourself. offers some interesting insight in visualizing data. The article explains that to see and understand your customers, you should first see and understand yourself. Big data and analytics are huge now, and can be of great assistance, but you must also understand the molecular interactions your marketing has with the customers. Interactions are key, and you must create a valuable exchange of information in your marketing. The article goes on to display multiple useful examples of how to carry out this exchange. The key takeaway, however, is that you must create a memorable, valuable and personalized campaign to increase brand awareness. To do this you must have a great understanding of your demographic, but furthermore, an understanding of how to market to yourself is vastly important.

Credit to Sam Bond on Facebook for the creative resume picture.


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