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I value authentic, unique, and impactful experiences in all my interactions with the world around us. Whether it’s a customer service experience, a support community/resource, a can’t-miss brick-and-mortar storefront with shoes I love — I’m compiling a short recommendations list with my 10/10s below.

I believe the brands and businesses around us have major implications on our cultures, societies, and our shared future. It’s important to support the brands addressing issues around labor, climate, eco-related issues, etc… And I believe it’s almost equally important to celebrate an item that empowers you to be your best self (and last more than a few years, too!). Bonus points for sustainability, innovation, or awesome leadership.


Any Given Thrift Store

Literally, any local thrift store. Buying vintage and used items helps our planet. Poshmark, Mercari or FB Marketplace are cool digital options.

Cloud-Hidden Plants

San Francisco.
703 Columbus Ave.
North Beach shop with incredible selection of succulents and Japanese-inspired items.

Arizmendi Bakery

San Francisco.
1272 Valencia St.
Worker-owned bakery with the best pastries in town. (and pizza)

Wayfarer Bread

La Jolla.
5525 La Jolla Blvd.
Friendly staff and incredible baked goods in sunny San Diego.

s.forno panificio

Via Santa Monaca.
Probably my favorite bakery in the world. Try everything – all of it.

More coming soon!



Well-known, but unstoppable, Patagonia refuses to back down when it comes to the environment and our planet. Support them.


Stylish, European-inspired sneakers, made in Brazil using ethical and sustainable practices.


These boots have saved the day more times than there are wet, pot-hole puddles on Italian streets.

Red Wings

Quality pays, and it shows. I love my Red Wings; Goodyear welt, and made to last.


I love everything they’re doing, and what they stand for as a company, and a community.

Too Good To Go

Community fighting food waste around the world by buying leftovers from local shops.

More soon!


Common Goal

Join the world of football in giving back 1% for vetted, worthy causes. Founded by Juan Mata and the admirable team at streetfootballworld, learn more here. ⚽️❤️🌍

The Bloom

The Bloom is a newsletter-based resource for the modern, global feminist. Weekly job opportunities, inspiring news, uplifting media, and more.

Subscribe and learn more here. 🌻

Kynder Travel

A conscious travel platform that highlights hospitality businesses who truly care about their guests, their staff and the planet.

Become a member here.

out of office network

A well-curated resource for our busy lives. Ideas, tools & guides to shape our work and culture. Check it out here.

OOO Hours

OOO Hours (Out of Office Hours) is a mentor community started by Dustin Senos where I’ve had many great conversations with diverse and global people involved in the tech industry. Join here.

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Donald Glover

i recommend everything DG / Childish Gambino.

For starters, try the show ‘Atlanta’ on FX, his album ‘Awaken, My Love!’, or check out his exclusive adidas line. And so much more.

Alex Reynolds

Really awesome (female) solo backpacker. Unique content, recommendations, stories, and perspectives.

Mikael Colville-Andersen

Fellow dane, urban design and mobility expert. He hosts ‘Life-Sized City’, and his content about biking and Copenhagen is cool.

Jocelyn Glei / Hurry Slowly

Finding meaning in our daily work and lives. Her podcast is about how you can find more calm, comfort, and clarity by simply slowing down. Learn more about Jocelyn and her work here.

Anne Helen Petersen / Culture Study

Ex-culture writer for BuzzFeed, Anne always has interesting content around culture/society. Subscribe to the newsletter here.

Sarah Drinkwater

A key member in the global, responsible tech movement. I appreciate Sarah’s approach to tech for good and content around various initiatives. Follow her on Twitter here.

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