Demographics and Tips

I found another couple interesting articles today to share with you all. The main theme of what I found today had to do with demographics and tips for what to know about demographics in social media marketing.

The first article was in the form of an infographic from MobileMarketingWatch compiled using information from Pew Research Center’s 2013 survey on social media. The picture explains that 62% of males use social media compared to 71% of females. The 18-29 age range had the most users, totaling around 83%, with the lowest usage being with 65+ at 32%. Household income did not seem to make much of a difference to usage versus non-usage. Next, as expected, urban areas have around 70% usage with suburban and rural at 67% and 61% respectfully. Education level also did not seem to make a difference in social media usage. As for race/ethnicity, hispanics came in with the highest percentage at 72%, followed by African Americans at 68%, and caucasians at 65%. This is all very important information and data to keep in mind, but you also have to consider who your market is and what your products are. Also, it is never a bad idea to hire an ad agency or research company to compile similar and customized data for your specific company. The article goes on to talk about which platforms are the most popular with which demographics, overall. Pinterest appeals mostly to rural residents, white females with some college education or higher. Facebook is, interestingly, most appealing to white women aged 18-29, although I can’t think of a demographic that isn’t on Facebook… Instagram is appealing to urban African Americans and hispanics, aged 18-29, and female. Twitter is 18-29 year old urban African Americans. These numbers all speak for themselves and make sense, since the trendy new platforms will of course be most popular with the trendy and hip 18-29 demographic. An interesting chart is shown next with figures depicting which platforms adults like to use online. Facebook is the most popular with 67% usage, LinkedIn follows with 20% usage, and Twitter is next with 16% usage. These numbers are pretty important and reiterate the fact that Facebook is HUGE to social media marketing campaigns. Adults are all over it, and growing, so they must be targeted on here. It is crazy that this is their highest used platform, but what strikes me is that LinkedIn is so far behind! I guess adults really do think of Facebook as the hip place to be these days. The article ended by stating that the demographics aged 18-29 have been consistently the highest users of social media, not a very big surprise there.

Another article I stumbled upon today was from and listed some helpful tips regarding social media marketing. The first tip was to cross-promote your social platforms. This means posting/sharing things from Twitter on Facebook, or from Instagram on Twitter, etc. This will help drive awareness and engagement across all your channels, which is very important. For this reason, it helps to post different types of information on the different platforms, obviously being consistent with how the platform works and what the norms are. Creating a community of your fans online is another tip given on this website. This is a clear and necessary way to drive engagement. You want your fans to associate themselves with you as well, and feeling like they are a part of a community will do this for you. Another tip is to keep interactive. This means not just pushing out information and never responding. It is important to not just have a presence on social sites, but also be a real and tangible person. Next, becoming a source of information. This is what we like to call content marketing. This will help to keep people coming back to your site. It’s important to curate relevant information and publish consistently to keep your awareness and engagement up. The final tip is to utilize crowdsourcing. This includes voting contests and social promotions. This way fans feel like they are a part of a decision or a part of the “event” that is happening online. Check out the site — it’s pretty good information and has examples used by The North Face!

That’s it for today, and actually the last required post for the semester as well. But don’t worry — I’ll be back.

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