Social Media and Celebrities

Let’s get started by addressing the Falcons’ frustrating loss to the 49ers this past Sunday, leaving Atlanta title-less for another year when everything was seemingly falling into place. I’m so mad I think I’ll go to my Twitter to binge-tweet some smack talk to Colin Kaepernick… Just kidding, but on a similar note – an article I read this week from the Baltimore Sun addresses this sort of reaction. Wes Welker’s wife, along with other frustrated NFL players/spouses, Facebook ranted about Ray Lewis’ 6 kids, 4 wives, and murder case after the Ravens knocked out the Patriots in the AFC Championship. She has since apologized to the future hall of famer, but this comes to show how deeply social media is integrated these days.

Another interesting article I read about social media and celebrities came from the Huffington Post. It pertains to the “branding” of celebrities online and how there is A LOT of pressure on their profiles and posts. Anything they do or say in social media can have an enormous impact on any one of their millions of followers. On Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube celebrities are beginning to engage in marketing practices to keep their pages relevant. For this reason, I think it may be smart for celebrities to consider opening their accounts to their agents or PR/Marketing firms in order to save themselves any embarrassment or scandal.

Another interesting trend I noted in this article was the creation of the celebrity/fan relationship. Social media’s integration has shifted conversations from a one-way message to more of a back and forth channel. I can personally say this is true after tweeting back and forth with one of my favorite artists a few months back. As the article states, this does create a powerful and meaningful way for celebrities to engage and increase their fan base.

In other news, Facebook’s marketing company GroSocial was recently acquired by Infusionsoft for around $54 million. Infusionsoft released statements addressing their stance on helping small businesses achieve large social media presences, and how GroSocial has excelled in doing so. The 19 person team at GroSocial joining Infusionsoft means that they are now a 370 person team. Infusionsoft’s customer service, larger employee base, and various tools are sure to make this a seamless acquisition. In other words, I’m sure the Facebook ads will continue to get better and better…creepy…

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