Relationship Marketing and Social Media News

Although it’s only been a week, my Social Media Marketing class here at UGA has already sparked my interest in the topic, possibly even as a career path as well. So what do you do when there’s something you’re interested in that you’d like to find more information on… Hit up Google. News search for relevant or interesting articles from the past couple days. As I did this today there were a couple different things that really caught my eye:

The first article, off of Forbes, was about managing relationships and how 150 is said to be the maximum number of “friends” any person should have. We are not intellectually capable of managing more relationships than this, but channels like Facebook/Twitter may actually be conditioning us to be capable of increasing this number. There is nothing wrong with having 5,000+ friends, since we know each one of them will not be thoroughly examining your profile or your status posts. “Quality comes in Quantity“. We cannot search for quality alone, so we eventually find it in quantity instead. Also there is the Networking Effect. Simply put – the more, the merrier. On a platform like LinkedIn, for example, you would never reach all of your 3rd party connections if you haven’t connected with all of your acquaintances. In this sense, there is strength in numbers. So in conclusion to this article, I do believe having 150+ “friends” is beneficial, but you must find the best way to manage them. (I can’t imagine scrolling through Twitter/Facebook feeds following 1,000+ people…)

The next article I found, also on Forbes, talked about the BCS National Championship game, stating “Alabama Beating Notre Dame in BCS Battle of Social Media Buzz”. I thought it was very interesting to read that Alabama was mentioned twice as often as the Irish leading up to the game, and Coach Saban was mentioned about 5 times more than Coach Kelly. Poptip, a social data company, was hired to track and analyze all of the buzz leading up to the game. I decided to look into Poptip a little more after reading this. They provide REALTIME polling for Twitter results, which undoubtedly is a game changer for anything in social media. (At this point I’m actually enjoying blogging; I would’ve never known about Poptip.)

In a few weeks, look for a follow-up post from me regarding the Super Bowl, as I’m sure it will dwarf anything created by the BCS National Championship. Usually some pretty crazy stuff happens in advertising that day if you’re not familiar.

The next article I found interesting was from Mirror, a UK-based news outlet. The article talked about Facebook launching a new search engine to rival that of Google’s, and possibly tapping the Smartphone industry. The search engine would provide results for people sifting for information on business/people/events/etc. It would be allowed to connect to your Facebook account to answer questions for you like, “Where should I eat Mexican food tonight?” This is pretty scary stuff. I’m not sure I want algorithms making my life decisions, Zuckerberg.

And the last article I found was on good-old Fox News, stating that Twitter (and other social medias) may be the new and best way to lose weight. The University of South Carolina did a study with around 100 people where half would receive bi-weekly podcasts, and the other half would use a Twitter app on top of the podcasts. Researchers ended up finding that every 10 posts on Twitter corresponded to about 0.5% weight loss. Twitter has the capability to become an online social network support group for anyone seeking help with something like this. Traditional interventions with group meetings or face-to-face are often time consuming and expensive, so my advice to you is to start a workout program (still counts as a New Year’s Resolution, right?) and use Twitter or Instagram, anonymously if you’d like, to monitor your results.

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