Content Marketing and Integration

I found an interesting article today on about content marketing trends for 2013 and thought I would share it. (January seems a little early to forecast the years’ trends, but I found them very interesting…) Smartphones are flying off the shelves, and marketing is yet to truly catch up to this demand. Integration is becoming the norm– you can see it at every corner, in every restaurant, and at every store. E-commerce is thriving, and businesses are becoming desperate to receive your “likes” and to have you use their Apps. Ideas, philosophies, and people are even turning into brands. It is actually becoming quite scary and overwhelming.

A trend is currently forming around authors/bloggers who are joining together behind a common cause/passion to create “brands” of their own. Creative partnerships of this nature are actually quite exciting and I believe can lead to great innovation. Voluntarily combining your website or work with another prominent persons’ work is a genius idea and should be supported to the fullest. I certainly hope this trend explodes in 2013.

Another topic of discussion comes in the trend of brands evolving into thought leaders. This means that brands who have immense followings and experience in their content marketing campaigns are now actually becoming the “go-to” places for customers seeking advice or help with critical interests. It takes patience and perseverance to achieve this placement in consumers’ minds, and very few companies are actually able to accomplish this. An example of a thought leader, to me, is that if I have any issue/question about budgeting I will head to the American Express website or blog (called OPEN FORUM) to find my solution. This is extremely intelligent and I believe will be an area of growth in 2013. What company doesn’t want their brand to be known as the “go-to” place for information for consumers? The connection this creates between people and brands is amazing.

A final trend from the article I agree with and see exploding this year is the rise of infographics and outlets such as Instagram and Pinterest. Visual narratives are extremely powerful and much more convenient and attractive for consumers than reading a whoooolllleee page of letters. Once a consistent stream of visuals are created and published, followers will flock to your website to gain knowledge and “re-tweet” or share what you post. Integration of information in to social media in this way is very interesting. It allows people to have a constant “feed” of information they are interested in, without having to do any research. This trend, along with the rise of infographics, will certainly continue throughout 2013, and probably even become the new norm. Personally, I think they are very appealing and I thoroughly enjoy Instagram in this way. I can scroll though 10 posts on Instagram and learn the same things I would learn in 10 articles, but at a fraction of the time.

Content marketing and our generation’s continual integration are interesting topics that go hand in hand. I look forward to seeing what 2013 has in store for them.

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