All Things Sochi

Found another great article about the Sochi Olympics to share today. Everyone’s gotta be all informed and ready for tonight’s opening ceremonies!!!

I’ll keep this brief… Feel free to check out the linked article above for more information.

Sochi (pronounced So-chee) is located on the Black Sea. It has a population of around 400,000 and stretches 90 miles along the Black Sea, making it the second longest city in the world behind only Mexico City.

The mountains you see in the picture above are the beautiful Caucasus Mountains. Sochi also hosts pebble and sand beaches, along with Stalinist architecture. Its been said that Sochi was Joseph Stalin’s favorite “Dacha”, or seasonal/summer home area. In fact, Sochi is known as the Russian Riviera.

Sochi is a resort town with subtropical temperatures, making it the warmest city to host an Olympic Winter Games (average temperatures around 53 Farenheit).

Sochi is a predominantly Christian city, though approximately 5% of its inhabitants are Muslim.

In terms of Olympic preparation, Sochi was chosen to host this years games back in 2007. More than 200 miles of roads and bridges were built along with over 125 miles of railroads. 690,000 people were at work to make this happen.

Sochi is 9 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

The conversation rate for currency: $1USD = about 35 Russian rubles.

Final fun fact – the Sochi mayor has claimed that there are no gays whatsoever in Sochi. “They are not accepted.”

Last but not least, GO TEAM USA!

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