America’s Favorites

This past week I found a couple intriguing articles to share with you guys. They’re about America’s Favorite BEER, and America’s Favorite CITIES! These two topics are very relevant to my interests, and actually could end up meaning a lot to me (I’m in the market to relocate, so the cities list made quite an impression on me).

The beer list from the Business Insider website was published just a few days ago. Blowfish conducted a poll and worked with third-party research firm AMP to get this information. It surveys each of the United States’ “favorite” beers. The beers that dominated include: Yuengling, Bud Light, Blue Moon, and Sam Adams, with Blue Moon being the favorite here in Georgia. Sounds about right to me! I could go for a nice Belgian ale with an orange slice right about now… There are a couple other tables/charts created from the study, so be sure to check out the article in the link embedded above.

The favorite cities list I found through the Condé Nast Traveler website, and drew the rankings from the Reader’s Choice Awards. I’ll highlight Savannah (GA), New Orleans (LA), New York City, and Charleston (SC) as my favorites, but you’ll have to check out the website embedded above for the full list. Obviously (and unfortunately) I have not been to half of these cities yet, but would love to one day explore them — and possibly live in them. This list stuck with me and brought a feeling of excitement looking towards the future. I have long considered leaving Atlanta, and lists like these are eye-opening to the fact that there are thousands of places better than my hometown. So, here’s to starting an online job hunt… Wish me luck!

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