about me

Ciao. My name is Steffan.

My name can be difficult to pronounce.
Try this: steff-fan (like Stephanie without the ie).
Sometimes I roll with the Italian version, Stefano.

I grew up between Denmark and the United States.

I’m a reflective thinker who believes in the power of intentionality. I spend my time exploring, observing and absorbing. I’m an empathetic listener, a friend and an ally.

My professional highlights include creating global stories at Snapchat, driving social impact in football and tourism with Common Goal and Airbnb, tour guiding people from all over the world, and launching a global feminist resource called The Bloom. I build Google Maps and have over 1m impressions as a Google Local Guide. Currently, I’m a Product Manager at a FinTech startup called Meemo, building the future of social finance.

My experiences and work represent who I am and my goals: To create empowering experiences at the intersections of impact, travel, and everyday life.

I have a geographical curiosity, and enjoy spending time among foreign cultures. I’ve lived across the United States and Europe (mapped below), and travel as often as I can.


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