Places I’ve Been 🌍

I thought compiling a list of the places I’ve visited would be cool to share.

Here are some perspective I can share from my travels over the last 20 years. Just my opinion, based on sometimes brief or short exposure to places around the world. Take it all for what it’s worth. 🙂 Of course, an entire post could be written about each of these destinations — and for some, there are!

  • Downtown centric, historic cities enabling unified culture and tradition.
  • Stay up all night, run with the bulls in the morning.


  • Soccer culture.
  • Efficient and clean.
  • Go off the beaten track.
Virgin Islands & Bahamas
  • Always look on the bright side; resiliency.
Czech Republic
  • Beer cheaper than water.
  • Get outside.
  • Relax (and retire).
New York
  • Stay hungry (and awake).
  • Inviting culture.
  • Plush wilderness; sticky humid.
  • The South.
  • Live music and BBQ.
Nevada (well, Vegas)
  • Diamond in the rough; mirage-like.
North & South Dakotas
  • Beautiful heartland; “Fly over states”



Credit to Matthew Straub for the brilliant idea, after stumbling across his Medium post a while back! I think it’s tough to summarize an experience, especially related to travel, but hopefully this list is a good start, and might help you to understand me a little better.

On the topic, I think this is an excellent read on the summarizing an experience concept as well — “Don’t ask me how my trip was.” Similar to asking, “How are you doing?” it’s tiring and sometimes frustrating to know that most people don’t truly care.

It’s not all glamorous, and not a cure-all or philosophical solution; it’s about receptiveness and it takes effort. With this in mind, I’m happy to share my recommendations and point you in the right direction.

Happy travels! ✈️


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