AIMA: Welcome to the Digital South

So I’m sure you know by now that I love everything AIMA, from their events to their people, it couldn’t get much better. Last night was one of our favorite events of the year – the 2014 AIMA Awards show at the beautiful Buckhead Theatre!

Buckhead Theatre

I had a phenomenal time working the show for my second consecutive year as the social media manager and volunteer coordinator, and had Gregg and Jessica with me as volunteers. We were there most of the afternoon assisting with set-up, load-ins, and all kinds of other stuff. The real fun started around 6 o’clock when people began arriving for the cocktail reception, and trust me, that bar backed up quick! There were custom cocktails sponsored by Dstillery, and tapas-style finger food everywhere.


You might say there was some networking going on, too…


Then the Awards Ceremony began at 7:30pm. We watched from the upper-deck, as seen in the picture below (nice photobomb, Gregg). Palmer Williams Jr., who stars on Tyler Perry’s Love Thy Neighbor sitcom and has his own Comedy Special titled Calling Card, was the ceremony host. Freakin’ hilarious guy — great energy and jokes from Palmer all night! There was also live music and a performance from Dance 411. The board did a great job spicing it up this year, love these additions. It wouldn’t have been complete without a little Shake It Off, right??



Then came the awards. I’ve listed the categories and finalists below.

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