So you wanna learn a little more about me, huh? Assuming you’ve already read my “About” section, I’ll skip the formalities and get right to it.

Where I’ve Lived:

As of July ’16, I live in the Mission district of San Francisco, California. I absolutely love it.

The Atlanta digs: Virginia Highlands. My favorite part of the city.

While I’m embedding maps, figured why not give you a look at my home in Denmark.

Denmark is one of my favorite places in the world. I have family in Randers, and have been lucky to visit just almost every year since we moved back to Atlanta in ’99. The last time I was in Denmark was April ’14 (mostly Copenhagen).

We moved back to Atlanta in ’99 and I started at Tritt Elementary School, then went on to Hightower Trail Middle School, and later Pope High School. During this phase, I was in the East Cobb neighborhood of Marietta, or what Atlantans like to call OTP (outside the perimeter).


I went to the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. If you’ve never been, you really should! There are something like 40+ bars concentrated within 4 blocks downtown, not to mention incredible restaurants. I describe it as a smaller mix of Austin, Texas, and Nashville, Tennessee. Another great thing about Athens — super easy to find soccer fans and pick up games! I played on the club tennis team and often attended Terry College of Business events/mixers. And of course, nothing beats a college football Saturday in Athens. Go Dawgs.

uga arch snow


I’ve been traveling my entire life, and can’t wait for my next adventure. Likely planning one as you read. Some of my favorite memories:

  • NYC: Love it every time I visit
  • Summer 2015: SFO to SD Pacific Coastal Highway trip with my girlfriend, Katie
  • Hilton Head Island, South Carolina: timeshare every year with the family 🙂
  • April 2014: The last time I was in Denmark.
  • Summer 2010: Backpacked Europe with one of my best friends. Hit Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome, Copenhagen, Paris, London, Interlaken, and more, during World Cup and Wimbledon! Here’s a picture a the Fan Park in Prague, had one in pretty much every major city. Amazing.

Prague Fanpark

… Have to include this story, too. Right after exiting the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a nerve-wrecking France game had just ended so we walked over to the Champs-Elysees, one of the wildest places I’ve ever been. Portuguese fans were surfing on top of cars and honking their cars for minutes on end. A group of thieves ended up running away with a street performer’s tips, somehow becoming the catalyst behind full-on brawling and rioting. Instantly, the Parisian riot control showed up, throwing people to the ground and tossing smoke grenades. We sprinted away. Proof:

Paris Soccer riot

Another side-story from the 2010 trip: We ran with the bulls in Pamplona during the San Fermin Festival.

San Fermin 2010


I’m really into sports and fitness. I like to eat clean and exercise on a daily basis (life permitting).

Soccer and tennis are my two sports but don’t get me wrong, I love to sit and watch my fantasy numbers move on Sunday and go out for an old fashioned game of catch. And, like I said before, very few things beat a Saturday in Athens. But my passion for soccer is unrivaled — I’ve been kicking a ball ever since I could move my feet. In my opinion, soccer truly is the global sport and most popular game worldwide. They don’t call it the Beautiful Game for nothing.

“The universality lies in its simplicity.” Free-flowing nature allows for so much passion, creativity, and can bring any community together.

“Dream Ball”

My club team is Manchester United, and internationally of course DBU and USMNT.

As for tennis, I’ve played about as long as I could hold a racket, and I’ve been stringing and coaching for probably half as long. My favorite player has always been Roger Federer. He is the greatest tennis player our generation will witness, and he’s admirably humble and respectful. He’s constantly connecting with fans and organizations, check out his work with Make-A-Wish.

I also played roller hockey for several years. It’s deceivingly exhausting, and my experience makes me appreciate the sport in a whole different way. I really love hockey, but just didn’t have time to keep up with all my soccer and tennis.

I’m also genuinely interested in connecting with others and helping them however I can. Whether it be through my consultation in marketing work, volunteering, or mentorship, I enjoy connecting with like-minded people. It’s extremely rewarding to accelerate a career or ignite a new passion with a simple nudge in the right direction.

That’s about it. If you’d like to hear more, I’m always happy to connect!



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